• "C.P.R. - X"

    This is a road map designed to assist in detailing the steps necessary to make a solid decision. It lays out various objectives and objections that need to be addressed to make a successful choice.

    There are six categories (represented by C, P, R) that will walk you through a decision. For example, the first is Clarify: Primary, Reason (C.P.R). The more you can eliminate the unknown, the more beneficial a decision will be!

  • Think "H.O.P.E."

    This is a five (5) level deep introspection activity that provides thought markers or personality points that help create an optimistic, positive, and performance-based mindset. It's not just about wishing, but actually doing something productive.

    The combination of phrases that these words (all start with H, O, P, or E) create are all designed to specifically break complacency style thinking patterns create new action based ones. With these newly acquired perspectives, you'll be inspired and motivated to take control over your life like never before!

  • 1

    Module 1: Introduction

    • Welcome!

    • Assignment: Introduction

    • Discussion: Introduction

    • Assessment: Introduction

  • 2

    Module 2: "C.P.R.-X"

    • Overview: "C.P.R.-X"

    • Assignment: "C.P.R.- X" - Part 1

    • Assignment: "C.P.R. - X" - Part 2

    • Discussion: "C.P.R. - X"

    • Assessment: "C.P.R. - X"

  • 3

    Module 3: Think "H.O.P.E."

    • Overview: Think "H.O.P.E."

    • Assignment: Think "H.O.P.E." - Part 1

    • Assignment: Think "H.O.P.E." - Part 2

    • Discussion: Think "H.O.P.E."

    • Assessment: Think "H.O.P.E."

  • 4

    Module 4: Conclusion

    • Opportunity To Review With The Instructor